Sunday 22 April 2007

Welcome and Posting Policy

Welcome to Flamenco Edmonton, a site for flamencophiles in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

How to post on this blog: Live in Edmonton? Use the contact form on the lower left-hand side of the page to request to post on the blog as a contributing author.

Posting guidelines: This blog is designed for posts originating from and relevant to the Edmonton, Alberta flamenco community. The content of posts on this moderated, edited blog is limited specifically to flamenco-focused information. Although authorship is limited to those based in Edmonton, we welcome readers from all parts of the world!

Looking for or want to post events in other cities? Check out, a site for national postings, or Flamenco Alberta, a site for provincial postings. Edmonton blog posters: we request that you post non-Edmonton events on Flamenco Alberta or unless, for example, you are carpooling to an event from Edmonton and would like to find others to travel with you.
[Note: and Flamenco Alberta may not longer be available - FE Admin, 2016]

The purpose of the blog is information sharing and community building - we request and require a high level of respect for all community members when posting or commenting. General comments or questions? Contact the site administrator (Elysia), at using the contact form on the lower left-hand side of this page. Gracias y olé!

Information disclaimer: The information on this site is supplied by individual community members as a service to the flamenco community. *We make no guarantee of the accuracy of the information*. For events, please contact the event organizer as listed for confirmation of event details.


Silvia Soto said...

Thanks for creating Naranja Amarga!!
Me encanta!

Anonymous said...
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