Friday, 18 May 2007

"Telematic" Flamenco Guide with Audio

Interested in learning more about Flamenco in general? The Telematic Flamenco Guide produced by Tourismo Andaluz in collaboration with the Biennial Flamenco Exhibition is a good starting point for information about Flamenco history and forms (palos). The site includes audio samples and descriptions of many common and less-common Flamenco forms. In addition to this site, sites such as offer a range of listings related to flamenco.


Anonymous said...

This link has been broken for a while now. What a shame, it's such a valuable site. If anyone has success in accessing the page, can you post a comment here? Thanks.
- Elysia, FE admin

Jane Ogilvie said...

the site is back up and seems new and improved! click on the fans of flags at the top to change to your preferred language

Naranja.Amarga said...

Thank you, Jane!