Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Feliz Cumpleaños, Flamenco Edmonton!

Flamenco Edmonton turns one year old today!

Thanks to our readers, to the Flamenco communities in Edmonton, and to our Flamenco friends across the country and beyond.

Special appreciation to local authors Jane, Kyla, Kim, Tosh, John, and Lynn for your contributions to the site; and to Flavia, Suzenym, Vicky, Silvia, La Aceitunita, & Daniel for your comments.

Thanks to all for making the site a success. Here's to another great year!

~Elysia, FE admin.


Suzenym said...

And thanks to you Elysia, for taking the initiative to set up such a great site. It really helps to build the community.

Anonymous said...

I agree! This is a great thing for the Edmonton (and Alberta!) community. Thanks Elysia!

Jane Ogilvie said...

Hooray! so happy to have this resource available for all of us to communicate.

Kyla said...