Sunday, 12 July 2009

Guia del Flamenco Telematica - Telematic Flamenco Guide

The Telematic Flamenco Guide has reappeared after a period of absence and is worth a re-post. The Guide, produced by Tourismo Andaluz in collaboration with the Biennial Flamenco Exhibition, is a good starting point for information about Flamenco history and forms (palos). The site also includes audio samples by geographic region.

Note: the site's feature to use the alphabetical list by clicking on the first letter of the song form (at the top of the page) often doesn't work properly. E.g. if there are no results for forms that start with "T" (there should be listings for Tangos, Taranta, Tientos, etc.), go back to the beginning of the list and use the forward arrows (">>") to scroll through the pages.

*Note (Aug 30 '09): the site has now changed significantly in layout and appears to be under development. The note above does not currently apply. Some features from the old site may or may not be available on the new site.*


Naranja.Amarga said...

Thanks to Jane for the updated links.

Naranja.Amarga said...

This site appears to be undergoing a redesign. Unfortunately, the audio clips are not displayed in the same way as they were previously.