Friday 27 April 2007

Local Guitar Maker

Local guitar craftsman Main Mahd builds handmade guitars, including Flamenco models. He also offers guitar-building courses at his Zeryab Guitars studio on Jasper Avenue. Read more in a recent article in the Edmonton Journal.

Thursday 26 April 2007

Flavia Robles show June 16, 2007

Flavia Robles and Alhambra Ensemble Espanol present "Flamenco ~ Mi Pasion" on Saturday, June 16 at 7:30pm in the Timms Centre for the Arts on the U of A campus, 112 Street and 87 Avenue. Tickets are $25 each, children 3 and under are FREE on their parent's laps, plus applicable service fees at TIX on the Square.

Pedro Guasp show April 29, 2007

Pedro Guasp presents the Spanish Flamenco Show on Sunday, April 29 at 4pm in the Stanley A. Milner Library Theatre, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square. All of the proceeds from the show will go to the Hispanic Catholic Church of Edmonton, Our Lady of Guadalupe. There will be eighteen dancers presenting dances from the many regions of Spain, particularly Flamenco. Tickets are $11 a person, general admission. Plus applicable service fees at TIX on the Square in advance or $11 each cash only at the door.

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Flamenco Teachers

Looking for a teacher for Flamenco dance classes in Edmonton? Visit Flamenco Alberta for a listing of teachers in the Edmonton area.

Sunday 22 April 2007

Welcome and Posting Policy

Welcome to Flamenco Edmonton, a site for flamencophiles in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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