Friday 29 June 2007

Palmas Lessons

Improve your palmas tones, solidify compas (Flamenco rhythm), and learn more about common Flamenco forms.

Private and semi-private palmas lessons are available at the beginner and intermediate levels. Perfect for dancers or anyone interested in exploring Flamenco rhythm and beat patterns through palmas (rhythmic hand clapping). Lessons can be booked for 30 minute or 1-hour sessions.

Elysia has several years experience providing palmas accompaniment for guitar, singing, and dance. She performed regularly with the Aire Flamenco & Arabic Group and various groups at the Kino Café in Vancouver.

***Classes no longer available - Sept 09***

Thursday 28 June 2007

Local Shoemaker

Custom-made flamenco shoes are available from Wallace Shoe Making and Alterations at 9610 - 76 Avenue (432-7041). Price is approximately $250 per pair; different colours are available. Enquire for details. Many thanks to Suzenym for sharing this information. For her comments about custom shoes made by Michael Wallace, see the June 28/07 post titled "Flamenco shoemaker? More info please", and click on the comments link.

Flamenco shoemaker? More info please

I've heard that there's a shoemaker in town who makes custom Flamenco shoes. Anyone who knows more - can you contact me with details? Gracias.

Wednesday 27 June 2007

Jubilee Portable Dance Floors

Interlocking Jubilee plastic and rubber floor tiles are available through The Art of Expression, authorized Canadian distributor. The use of the term "sprung" in the product description implies a different kind of springiness than the traditional "sprung" floor, where the term typically implies air space between a wooden floor and subfloor. For more information about the floor tiles, including FAQs, visit Jubilee.

Floor Squares for Dance Practice

A long search for an ultra-budget option for practicing on a carpet-on-concrete apartment floor finally led me to Dricore subfloor panel squares. The top of the square is pressed wood with "no urea formaldehyde adhesives" (a good thing), and the bottom is hard, molded plastic with airspace pockets between the floor and the top of the panel. Though not comparable to a true sprung floor, it does provide a more forgiving surface than concrete alone. The square is sturdy and provides a clear, loud sound for footwork.

Dimensions of each tile: 2 feet by 2 feet, 7/8 inch thick. Available at Home Depot for under $8.00 each.

Saturday 16 June 2007

Didactica del Flamenco: Flamenco Education Resource

Didactica del Flamenco is an excellent website produced by the Junta de Andalucia Ministry of Education with Spanish-language flamenco curriculum materials. Includes units on major Flamenco forms including rhythms, history, and lyrics.

Wednesday 6 June 2007

Call for Buy and Sell postings

Have a Flamenco-related item to buy, sell, or trade? Flamenco Edmonton is seeking postings from readers in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Email for instructions about registering on the site to contribute your post.

Online Photo Exhibit - Shoes of Famous Flamencos

"Shoes to a dancer are like a pen is to a writer".

"La Fundación del Museo del Calzado de Elda (Alicante, España)...has interesting exhibition that brings together the dance shoes of the most important flamenco dancers. The exhibition, called "Zapateando" (footwork), features "zapiros" (shoes in gipsy caló) owned by Antonio Gades, Joaquín Cortés, Sara Baras, Antonio El Bailarín, Cristina Hoyos, Rafael Amargo, Eva La Yerbabuena, Blanca del Rey, María Pagés, María Rosa and Joaquín Ruiz.".
The online version of the exhibit is hosted by To see the exhibit photographs and text, click here.