Tuesday 22 May 2007

Letras for Cante

The following is a selection of sites with Flamenco song verses.

La Bottega Musicale del Flamenco. Scroll down on the left-hand bar and click on "Discografia flamenca" at the bottom for a list of albums and lyrics. Has many recent albums as well as classics.

Flamencoletras. Huge selection of albums, including the Rito y Geografia del Cante and Puro y Jondo cante collections.

...letras.... Letras from Remedios Amaya, Jose Merce, La Macanita, Nina Pastori and more...

More letras from www.flamenco-letras.de

Que de Letras. Lots of advertising but has letras for some contemporary Flamenco albums not found on other sites.

And not least, the brilliant site Letras + Cante with letras and video clips compiled by Daniel Téllez.