Sunday, 22 June 2008

How to Post - Formatting, Contact Info & Labels, etc.

Edmonton, AB posters:

Formatting Standards
For visual continuity with the other posts, authors are asked to stay away from special formatting such as different font sizes, styles, or colours of fonts, with the exception of bolding and italics. The simplest way to ensure your post does not contain additional formatting is to type directly in the posting box or copy and paste unformatted text from a Word document or email.

Post Title
Add brief, descriptive title in the title field. For upcoming events, add the date in the title field.

Contact Information
Posts for events or workshops must contain contact information where readers can get more information or verify details.

For Labels (subject headings), click "Show All", to the right of the label box. Click on relevant labels to add. Please use existing subject headings, selecting only those which are related to the main subject of the post. This way, everyone searching for a posts on a particular topics can click on a term and be brought to a similar post. E.g., for a flamenco dress for sale, you might use: For Sale and Costumes.

Proposed Events Vs. Planned Events
If posting for an event which has not been confirmed (a possible workshop, possible performance), this should be stated explicitly in the post in order to minimize confusion. Posts for events which are cancelled or are not taking place must be updated with current information.

Blog History, Purpose & Authorship
For more information about the history and purpose of the blog, and information for blog authors, please see:

Please note: the site administrator/editor reserves the right to edit posts. 

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