Thursday 23 October 2008

Resources for Making Flamenco Dresses

As anyone who has tried to make a Flamenco dress on their own knows, it can be virtually impossible to find either patterns or detailed information on Flamenco costume construction.

Anke Herrmann, who relocated to Granada to become a dressmaker for Flamenco artists, provides a unique and reasonably-priced custom sewing pattern service. Just choose a pattern, download a form to submit measurements, send payment by PayPal, and a custom pattern will be sent to you by email as a PDF.

Her blog, Flamencreaciones, also includes useful articles written by Anke on the construction of Flamenco costumes. Articles are continually added, so check back for more.
- What Makes a Flamenco Dress? Parts 1 and 2
- How to Make Volantes (Ruffles and Frills)
- A Look Under the Skirt of a Bata de Cola

Looking for inspiration in general for new trends in Flamenco fashion? Visit Salón Internacional de la Moda Flamenca (SIMOF), which has photographs of fashion collections presented every year at a large-scale Flamenco fashion event.


Naranja.Amarga said...

And courtsey of Kyla, a link to Folkwear's classic pattern for a Flamenco-sytle dress.

Anonymous said...

Articles for making a flamenco dress are now located at under the article category "Dress for Flamenco". The author's new main website is at: