Tuesday 10 March 2009

Resources for Palmas (Rhythmic Flamenco Clapping)

Palmas provide the rhythmic backbone for Flamenco dance, guitar, and song. Solid palmas are an art, requiring an understanding of song forms, the ability to keep straight time, and musical sensitivity.

"When you’re a palmero/palmista you’re the human metronome and the support for the whole ensemble---you’re an anchor and you’re the strong roots of a tree, even though your role may seem trivial to the unknowing eye." Read the whole article by Ravenna about palmas from a dancer's perspective. Don't miss the excellent compás (rhythm) section of the site, where rhythmic cycles are demonstrated with audio clips.

Aside from listening to music and practicing alone and with friends, resources for palmas study include Solo Compas CDs and Jerónimo Utrilla's DVD: Learn and Practice "Las Palmas" - (Flamenco Clapping), available through all major Flamenco material vendors (see links section).

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In the blood... a Flamenco page said...

This is indeed and excellent article on palmas...wonderful detail of things we have not given much thought, when being a palmero/palmesta.