Wednesday 12 June 2013

Flamenco Workshop with Deborah Ibach 2013

June 21,22, 23 (Fri/Sat/Sun)
and continuing through the week of June 24 - 28

Beginner/Intermediate level
Note: Previous flamenco experience is required.
Choreography (Zapateado)

Intermediate/Advanced level
Choreography (Solea)

Bata de Cola
Targeted to the dancer at Intermediate level or higher.
Choreography (Cantiñas)

Previous bata experience not required. Content tailored to needs of the class. Note: although it is obviously preferable to have a bata, it is not a requirement for the class. If you do not have a bata, try bringing a regular pair of sports ankle weights to the class (as they are useful to increase strength and simulate the weight of the bata).

Stay tuned - class times, location and prices to be finalized soon.

posted on behalf of Deborah Ibach

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