Tuesday 22 October 2013

De Palo en Palo - letras resource

I have just stumbled upon this incredible Italian resource for flamenco letras.


Letras are divided by palo and region with multiple examples given in both text and audio. Even if you don't understand Italian, the information is clear with letras written in bold or italicized text and audio provided by youtube clips. Often a discography or links for further study are listed at the bottom of a palo's page.

A very in-depth look into cante flamenco. Ole!

(If you just attended Stephanie Pedraza's tangos cante workshop, there's a page all about Tangos de El Titi, including the videos she referenced of Miguel Poveda and Esperanza Fernandez - http://depaloenpalo.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/tangos-de-sevilla-tangos-de-el-titi-de-triana)

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