Monday 8 December 2014

Flamenco Metronome

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share with you a handy application that I've been using for practice away from class. For Android (Google Play) the app is called 'Flamenco Metronome'; while it is available for free, I strongly recommend purchasing the PRO version only because it allows you to manipulate sounds. For example, cajon (heavy and light), palmas and pandereta (translates to tambourine). Have fun listening to variations of palmas and cajon. My recommendation: listen to the cajon alone; it sounds so cool!
The price for the app has gone up slightly on Google Play and is now just over $13.00 but it’s really worthwhile especially if you’re involved in Flamenco dance in one way or another.
For owners of Apple products, the app is called 'Doctor Compas'. I'm not sure if this is a paid app and I don’t know how much you can manipulate the sounds but if any of you end up using it, please share your experience by replying to this post!
For my part, the app helped immensely to learn Alegrias because it was such a new palos for me and I felt a bit intimidated at first but now all I want to do is the happy dance (no pun intended XD). I AM admittedly more comfortable with the compas but the dance steps still need improvement!

I give this app two strong golpes!

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