Thursday 28 June 2007

Local Shoemaker

Custom-made flamenco shoes are available from Wallace Shoe Making and Alterations at 9610 - 76 Avenue (432-7041). Price is approximately $250 per pair; different colours are available. Enquire for details. Many thanks to Suzenym for sharing this information. For her comments about custom shoes made by Michael Wallace, see the June 28/07 post titled "Flamenco shoemaker? More info please", and click on the comments link.

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kim said...

I just read the older posts on comments and feel bad about my input, but I have a need to share my experience with this shoemaker.

Took my brand new pair of BC shoes to him to file down the nail edges.
After explaining what I required he suggested that filing it down would mean I might need new nails re done (new shoes?).So I said not to worry about the already smooth middle section, just feel this edge around it, just file it down a bit. No questions from him if he didn't understand and who am I to question a man of trade, he took both shoes to the back and I heard the machine go for sometime, why he didn't treat it with a hand nail file ( I should have done this myself I think) I don't know, but I intervened and found he was making a trench between the nail edge and the shoe , quite simply ruining a new shoe. Which he tried to patch up with material making them heavy, he explained that my shoes were going to wear out anyway and I would need them re soled and that this did not matter.

I know there are greater sorrows in this world than wrecked flamenco shoes , albeit new BC's. I cried . Once again apologies to those who have confidence in him.
Maybe he makes them from scratch better than repairing old ones? I don't want to give hime too much credit...only you dancers who recommended him.