Wednesday 27 June 2007

Floor Squares for Dance Practice

A long search for an ultra-budget option for practicing on a carpet-on-concrete apartment floor finally led me to Dricore subfloor panel squares. The top of the square is pressed wood with "no urea formaldehyde adhesives" (a good thing), and the bottom is hard, molded plastic with airspace pockets between the floor and the top of the panel. Though not comparable to a true sprung floor, it does provide a more forgiving surface than concrete alone. The square is sturdy and provides a clear, loud sound for footwork.

Dimensions of each tile: 2 feet by 2 feet, 7/8 inch thick. Available at Home Depot for under $8.00 each.


La Aceitunita said...

We give these floors 2 flamenco thumbs up! We discovered the floor totally by chance in Home Depot in 2003...and immediately installed it in our studio. 7 years later its is still a fantastic floor and can be found in most of our dancers home studios too!

La Aceitunita

Jane Ogilvie said...

I have one of these at work too. A little loud but can be toned down with carpet underneath or, as I did, cardboard on top to soften the tone.